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I am announcing the publication of key images from my collection in the form of signed prints in an edition of 100.

The idea behind this series is to publish in small format the best of the best of my work of the last forty years and make it available to a large audience.

The images are printed with permanent inks on Photo Fibre200 gr. paper.

The process will take the original images, rework and improve them further with today's computer technology, and print them with the finest plotter on the market.

This process then makes of each print an original image and not a reproduction of a pre-existing image.

I hope you will enjoy the upcoming publications that will be a steady flow offered in the following months and years starting from August 15th-2014.

Narcissus Quagliata

The first images to be published will be:

The Zen Master, portrait of Shunryu Suzuki
The Sea Remembers
Head of Male Mutant

Price for each print: $ 400.00 U.S. Plus S & H

 You can order your print here or in our Facebook page.

To send questions, comments, or more information about the prints, please contact us.

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