For more than 900 years different coloured glass could not be mixed in the kiln and used together in the same sheet of glass, as they would shatter when cooling. Bullseye Glass Co. made that sudden leap forward in the early '90’s by creating the first fusible glass in the world.

Narcissus realized at once that a new path had been opened to achieve paintings with glass itself. For centuries the lead lines were necessary to hold the pieces of different colored glass next to each other, but not anymore. A painting made solely with glass, unthinkable a few years earlier, was in the realm of the possible.

To develop all the modalities and techniques to create imagery with this material was not an easy task; glass is difficult to shape and manipulate. Narcissus, backed by the sponsorship of the Bullseye Glass Co, dove headfirst into this exploration and over the span of two decades developed a language to achieve just that.

Today Narcissus is sharing this new knowledge with a broader public via a series of online courses. His vision is to make it possible for any contemporary painter and visual artist to realize their works, regardless of style, in this new and extraordinary medium.