On the first gestural stroke of a brush rests the responsibility to break the sublime white of the paper, so beautifully pregnant with infinite potential. A brushstroke irreversibly destroys that. Whether perplexed, hesitant or bold, sometimes filled with longing or desire, it invades that pristine infinity and reduces it to a single limited experience for the eyes of now.

Narcissus has used watercolor for more than four decades. Experimentation and going beyond the traditional are key elements of his exploration. For him the colors are not just paint that comes out of tubes, he approaches the pigments as the earth itself and its minerals. The water is not tap water to paint with but experienced as rain, river, sea, the amniotic fluid of life itself.

This profound connection to the medium has led him to express his most intimate and radical works. The paintings explore many different images; the body as a gateway, figures in transformation, mutating bodies, ancient sculptures vanishing in the sea, figures of light, portraits of the outcast, among many others. Some of his series include:  Mediterranean Treasures, the Poetics of Space, Mutants, Archetypes and Prisoners.