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Narcissus Quagliata's Works in Print

  • Archetypes and Visions in Light and Glass

    With essays by Rosa Barovier Mentasti, Pearl Chou, Maricruz Patiño, and William Warmus, and short contributions by Neil Hassall, Dorothy Lenehan, Lani...


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    An intimate publication dedicated to Narcissus Quagliata, one of the world's most important glass artists• Beautifully illustrated monograph that combines glass art, drawings and poetry Narcissus Quagliata is considered one of the most significant contemporary artists in glass. He has defined a new pathway in this field by combining painting with light, and he is best known for his spectacular artworks in public spaces, which have drawn world-wide attention. These include The Dome of Light: Wind, Fire, and Time in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, the largest illuminated glass dome in the world. Contrasted with this, MUTANT is perhaps his quietest, most personal and most intimate book, in which, for the first time, readers will come to know the person behind the artist through his thoughts, poems, sketches and his latest artworks - an impressive exploration on the relationship between dreams, words and images.

    Text in English, Italian and Spanish.

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    光之穹頂‧夢想的入口-高雄捷運美麗島站創作故事與作品導覽 (中英雙語)THE DOME OF LIGHT – A GATEWAY TO DREAMING

    A Tour and The Story of the Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung (Bilingual) (Traditional Chinese)

    Selected as the world's most beautiful public artwork, and the largest glass art work in the world as well, "The Dome of Light" in Kaohsiung's Formosa Boulevard MRT Station, its new life story has finally been written. From the commission of the work, the production process, to the complete disclosure of the creative process which gives a tour of the splendid work by the artist himself. The small book is a story. It tells you how it feels to be commissioned to design something on this scale. The weight of responsibility that descends upon you once you are alone and no longer discussing it, and you have to create something from nothing. Narcissus Quagliata takes us through all of this in a way that is inspirational and moving.

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    Painting with Light

    Light, shadow and color are beautiful tools for the creation of the environments in which we live, but what is needed is a very special sensitivity to understand them and harmonize them in space.

    In our society glass as a material has developed in the service of technology losing almost entirely its innumerable aesthetic qualities.

    Narcissus Quagliata handles these elements with sensitivity and joy, incorporating them in space and making them part of the architecture. His tireless imagination and restless search offer an infinity of solutions and paths for the creation of peaceful and joyful spaces that our society really needs.

    Ricardo Legorreta

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    Ligth and Time: A Masterpiece. The Dome of Narcissus Quagliata on the last Basilica of Michelangelo


    The Dome of Narcissus Quagliata on the last Basilica of Michelangelo

    Stained glass from Mind to Light: An inquiry into the nature of the medium

    Topics include basic design, elemental sources, living with glass, five artists in stained glass, and more. Illustrated throughout, primarily in black/white.

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